I believe it is important to have fun. Design is a powerful, world changing tool, but every once in a while it helps to let off a little steam. The following projects are self initiated briefs that allowed me to take a break, and focus on a single fun idea.
Finger Board
In October 2016 I had an accident on my skateboard resulting in permanent ligament damage in my ring finger. This resulted in a lot of my peers asking whether or not I was going to give up skateboarding. Fingerboard is a custom made skateboard that allowed me to truly own my injury and get back on the board. It is the celebration of persistence in the face of failure.
Coping saw
At the start of my third year at university I found myself struggling with design, I was spending the majority of my time behind my computer screen and not doing what I enjoyed which was making. Coping saw is a play on words meaning both the tool itself and the idea of mentally coping, This project got me back into the workshop learning new skills and allowing me to expand my outlook on what design can be.
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